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Air Duct Cleaning
Gulf Coast Mold Removal works with the best mold experts to clean your AC ducts and systems.

While numerous air duct cleaning vendors exist in many markets, few have the advanced training, specialization, and experience in actual mold air duct cleaning. The most valuable source for identifying the best air duct vendors who specialize in mold cleanup in Tampa, The Gulf Coast Region are mold remediation and mold abatement companies.

Whenever an area in your house is contaminated with mold, the mold travels into your AC system and ducts. The AC system has been described as …”the mold superhighway”; that is, your AC system will circulate the mold from a contaminated area to other areas in the house spreading it throughout your entire house.

When mold is being remediated in your house, your AC system and ducts must be remediated at the same time. Unless the AC system is remediated, the mold in this system will begin the circulation of the mold all over again. There are only a few select companies that have the training and are skilled at mold removal. They work in concert with Gulf Coast Mold Removal to clean mold from your HVAC system ensure improved indoor air quality that can be shown by indoor air quality testing. We work alongside the AC contractors to return your home to a safe, clean environment.

Preventing mold from starting to grow in the first place

It is imperative to control indoor air quality in your home or business. Occasionally, the AC system can be the cause of mold growth in your home. Over time heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) and the air ducts that circulate the air in a property can become contaminated with dust, mold, bacteria, pollens, allergens and other particulates. This unsafe condition could cause negative health effects to the individuals occupying the property. Regular system and ducting cleaning are an important step to improving the overall quality of the air inside of a property.

Preventing Mold Growth in Air Ducts

Moisture and dust result in the rapid expansion of mold anywhere in your home or workplace including the AC system and ductwork. These can contribute to what has called a “sick building" phenomenon. In order to effectively prevent conditions that lead to air conditioning ductwork contamination with mold, you should, first and foremost:

  • Keep the ducts free from dust, dirt and spores
  • Check and repair any leaks in ducts that could result in dirt and moisture

Duct Contamination Control and Soil Build Up

It is critical to prevent any moisture and soils that might enter the ductwork because they can result in air duct contamination and ultimately indoor air quality problems.

  • Effective filtering is essential for keeping air handling ducts clean. New filter types now available can remove more and smaller particles.
  • Dirt build-up can be controlled by regularly inspecting and changing air conditioning filters. Air conditioner ductwork must be kept in good repair. Leaks around duct joints in attics can introduce dust and spores.

Duct Moisture

  • Moisture in air conditioning ducts is common since it leaves the air conditioner evaporator saturated. Air conditioning duct systems, especially in humid climates, can be incubators for microbial pollutants such as mold and bacteria. Since air conditioning is used much of the year in The Gulf Coast Region, there is little time for ducts to dry out. High moisture in ducts is the most critical element in promoting rapid mold growth

For more information on removing mold in The Gulf Coast Region, please call Gulf Coast Mold Removal at (855) 2RID MOLD (274-3665), or email us at info@GulfCoastMoldRemoval.com.

Call: (855) 2RID MOLD
eMail: info@gulfcoastmoldremoval.com

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