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Mold Contents
Our experts at Gulf Coast Mold Removal will completely remove Mold from walls and ceilings but also from furniture, clothing, and all your valuables.

Most property and casualty insurance policies have two separate sections, one for the structure and one for contents. Structure applies to anything that is built in and not easily removed, such as walls, ceilings, flooring, cabinets and vanities. Contents refer to items such as furniture and dishes and other soft goods like drapes and clothing.

   The method of mold removal is based on the extent of the mold growth:

  • Is it just surface mold? Mold is confined to a small isolated surface area only.
  • Is it just limited growth? Mold is limited mold to a confined, discrete area.
  • Is it extensive growth? Mold is visible or hidden and is extensive due to a lingering, substantial or chronic moisture problem.

      Most contents are porous and cannot be saved but it depends on the extent of the damage

  • Nonporous materials can always be saved. These include metals, plastic, and glass.
  • Semi-porous materials can usually be saved through wire brushing and HEPA vacuuming. A good example is wood or plywood.
  • Porous materials, unless just surface mold, cannot often be saved. Examples are drywall and upholstery furniture.

      There are typically three zones that you set up for content cleaning:

  • Contaminated staging area (dirty)- all dirty contents are stored within containment
  • Cleaning area- this area is where the contents are cleaned
  • Clean object storage area- this area is absolutely clean and sanitary and is where all the clean contents are stored

      Some contents require that they be HEPA vacuumed and damp wiped and others can be cleaned with simple dish washing detergent and water.

For more information on removing mold in The Gulf Coast Region, please call Gulf Coast Mold Removal at (855) 2RID MOLD (274-3665), or email us at



Call: (855) 2RID MOLD

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