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Mold Symptoms
As experts, Gulf Coast Mold Removal personnel have mold certifications and advanced degrees in health care and respond rapidly to removing mold from your home!

The population at highest health risks from fungal growth is children, elderly and pets. People with HIV, allergies, upper respiratory problems, or people who are immuno-compromised are more susceptible to mold. If family members are in any of these categories, it is highly recommended that you contact a mold professional so that your home is remediated correctly.

People will react differently to mold but the dose response, that is, the amount of contaminated air inhaled in the lung, will have a major impact on how concentrated the mold is, how long you are exposed over time and the respiratory rate.

The Institute of Medicine, the medical arm of the National Academy of Science in Washington DC, found an association between mold and specific health effects, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Upper respiratory tract symptoms
  • Cough
  • Wheeze

Many other symptoms have been described. For example, headaches, nasal bleeds and conjunctivitis have also been mentioned among other symptoms but the four symptoms listed above are the ones that have been scientifically demonstrated to date.

For more information on removing mold in The Gulf Coast Region, please call Gulf Coast Mold Removal at (855) 2RID MOLD (274-3665), or email us at info@GulfCoastMoldRemoval.com.



Call: (855) 2RID MOLD
eMail: info@gulfcoastmoldremoval.com




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